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Arrive at school on time, in proper uniform and I card.
Attendance must be regular.
Attend morning assembly.
Speak in english within the school premises and during travel.
Keep the classroom and school premises clean and tidy and avoid littering.
Turn off the taps after use in the drinking area and washroom.
Switch off fans and lights, when not in use.
Complete your work on time and respect the given deadlines.
Be fair and honest at work; always be considerate of the rights of others.
Be courteous and respectful to parents, teachers, and visitors.
Respect your parents, teachers, elders, and friends.
Do not be irregular to school and do not bunk classes.
Do not use abusive language.
Do not get involved in physical fights and bullying.
Do not damage school property.
Do not bring any gadgets like mobile, iPods, tablets, etc. to school, they are strictly prohibited on the school campus.
Do not wear expensive jewellery to school.
The school will not be held responsible for the loss of such articles.
Do not bring chewing gum and chocolate in bulk to school.
Do not drive in personal vehicles to school at any point in time.
Do not remain absent. 75% attendance is mandatory.
Do not make a loud noise or create confusion in the classroom, auditorium, or elsewhere in the school building.


Adhere to school rules and regulations.
Verify & keep all the details (Transport/Driver), if your child is using a private transport facility.
Always attend the school meetings as and when called for.
Guide your child not to indulge in bullying and fighting.
Be polite on the school campus.
Always carry a parent I Card.
Visit the school in proper attire.
Motivate your child to participate in school activities/programs.
Change in a phone number, address to be immediately informed to the school.
Talk to your child about good touch and bad touch.
Submit the Medical details to the school if any.
Read the school diary and understand the processes and rules of the school.
Have the right approach and support to school when required.
Pay school fees on time.
Do not drop your child at school before the designated school time.
Do not contact teachers after school hours.
Do not use addictive substances (Tobacco, chewing gums, etc.) on school premises.
Do not speak loudly on campus.
Do not enter directly into the classrooms.